Dunedin Electronic Leak Detection - Plumbing Leak Detection

Here are Dunedin Plumbers we take leak detection very serious. Not only do underground leaks cost a lot of money, they also waste a very valuable Florida resource; water. In the past, leak detection was a very long and expensive service. But with the new technology available, we can find underground leaks in hours, instead of days or weeks. We use Electronic Leak Detection in almost every case of a suspected plumbing leak. Our equipment allows us to see moisture and wet spots even 5 or 10 feet under your home or business. In certain cases we use use noise detection to hear the actual sound of the leak, which can pinpoint the exact area underneath your property.

Once the leak is found we offer different services to fix the pipe including traditional pipe replacement, as well as Trenchless pipelining, which is a service that lets us repair the damaged pipe without digging up your property. We employ leak detection experts as well as pipe repair experts, so we are in essence a one stop company for any leak problems.


Plumbing Leak Symptoms

  1. Wet, moist or discolored walls or flooring. Also, warm areas on your flooring or concrete slab is a big sign.
  2. You hear the sound of water running in the walls or underground.
  3. Unexpected increased in your water bills.
  4. Water meter is moving even when all the water is turned off.
  5. Cracks in your foundation.
  6. Unexpected overgrown landscaping or grass in isolated areas.


We offer low cost leak detection, cheap leak detection to all residential, commercial, industrial and government customers throughout all of Hillsborough County including Clearwater, St. Pete, Largo, Dunedin, Seminole, Palm Harbor, Hillsborough Park, Dunedin, East Lake, Tarpon Springs, Indians Rocks Beach, Belleair, Belleair Beach, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Safety Harbor and Gulfport.